Episode 497 - Project Sirius

by Sujit D'Mello June 15, 2024

Rishabh Tewari, a Software Engineer on the Azure team, gives us insights into Project Sirius. This is an upgrade to the Azure software that lights up Accelerated Connections for any resource that uses a network interface. Using a specialized SDN, customers and ISVs can achieve very high number of connections per second throughput across all of their Azure and non-Azure resources.


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YouTube: https://youtu.be/ZVgBBrRlZGQ




Other updates:




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Episode 488 - Express Route Resiliency and Monitoring

by Russell Young March 1, 2024

Jose Moreno a Customer Engineer in the FastTrack for Azure team joins Sujit and Russell to talk about Networking, and more specifically discusses best practices for Express Route configuration and monitoring with an eye on resiliency and performance.


Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode488.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/KUhODMaQjEU


Other updates:

Episode 456 - Azure Programmable Connectivity

by Sujit D'Mello March 25, 2023


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Episode 447 - DDOS Protection on Azure

by Russell Young November 16, 2022

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Episode 446 - Security & L7 DDoS protection @ Edge, DNS Security, and Private DNS

by Evan Basalik November 13, 2022


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Episode 442 - Azure IP Services

by Evan Basalik October 18, 2022


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Episode 438 - Azure NAT Gateway

by Evan Basalik September 14, 2022

The team catches up with Aimee Littleton, PM on the Azure Networking team, to learn more about NAT Gateway and when customers should be using it. Short answer = whenever you have outbound network connectivity as part of your workload!


Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode438.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/cmU5hNEISlg


What is Azure Virtual Network NAT? | Microsoft Docs

Dive deep into NAT gateway’s SNAT port behavior | Azure Blog and Updates | Microsoft Azure


Other Updates:

General availability: Azure Communication Services support for Teams identities | Azure updates | Microsoft Azure


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Episode 434 - Azure Traffic Manager

by Evan Basalik August 11, 2022

Evan and Cynthia speak with Abhishek Tiwari, Director of Software Engineering about the diverse types of situations traffic manager can be used in, how Microsoft has built a service to support 100% SLA, and how traffic manager can even be leveraged as part of a cloud modernization effort in a hybrid scenario. 

Media File: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode434.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/NhuJlK_vOEs


What is Traffic Manager?

How Traffic Manager Works

Traffic Manager routing methods


Review and remove AAD inactive users in Public Preview

Public preview: Azure Dedicated Host restart

General availability: Azure App Service Environment v3 support for custom domain suffix


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Episode 427 - Software for Open Networking in the Cloud

by Evan Basalik June 20, 2022


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Episode 367 - Enterprise Scale Landing Zones

by Cynthia Kreng February 28, 2021

The team talks to Azure specialists Jeff Mitchell and Rob Kuehfus about the Enterprise Scale Landing Zones that are part of the Cloud Adoption Framework. These architectural templates allow enterprises to lay down an Azure footprint that is consistent with best practices in terms of security, governance, networking and identity and can be leveraged by new and existing Azure customers.

Media file: https://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode367.mp3

YouTube: https://youtu.be/5xshifBaj1E



Review the Enterprise-scale landing zones Architecture guidance

Review the Enterprise-scale landing zones implementation guidelines

Review and deploy a reference implementation

MS Learning Path - Create an enterprise-scale architecture in Azure

Try out the reference implementation on your own: Introduction to Enterprise Scale ‘in-a-box’ tutorial (Github)

Check out the Channel 9 series for ESLZ and WAF here

Other updates:

· Azure Defender for App Service introduces dangling DNS protection - https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/blog/azure-defender-for-app-service-introduces-dangling-dns-protection/
· Prevent dangling DNS entries and avoid subdomain takeover - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/security/fundamentals/subdomain-takeover

Demystifying cloud economics
E-commerce on Azure increases security with Payment Card Industry Three-Domain Secure compliance
Automating quota management with Azure Quota REST API
Microsoft plans to establish first datacenter region in Indonesia



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