Episode 490 - Azure API Center

by Russell Young March 26, 2024

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Episode 38 - API Management

by Sujit D'Mello August 6, 2014

 Scale to millions of API calls

Throttle, rate limit and quota your APIs

Bring modern formats like JSON and REST to existing APIs

Mobile enable enterprise APIs

Maximize developer success with interactive console

Get deep insights with rich analytics

Media File: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode38.mp3


TIP: Using AzCopy to copy a VHDs from one sub to another

Visual Studio Update 3 is available [download]

New Features:


-          Websites: Publish WebJobs from Console or Web projects.

-          Mobile Services: Create a Dev/Test environment in the cloud when creating Mobile Services projects. Use the Push Notification Wizard with .NET Mobile Services.

-          Notification Hubs: View and manage device registrations.



Azure SDK 2.4 for .NET is available [VS 2013 download | VS 2012 download]

New features:

-          Virtual Machines:

o   Remote debug 32-bit Virtual Machines.

o   Configure Virtual Machines, including installation & configuration of dynamic extensions (e.g. anti-malware, Puppet, Chef and custom script).

o   Create Virtual Machine snapshots of the disk state.


-          Storage:

o   View Storage activity logs for diagnostics.

o   Provision Read-Access Geo-redundant Storage from Visual Studio.

-          Cloud Services:

Emulator Express is the default option for new projects (Full Emulator is deprecated). Configure new networking capabilities in the service model.

Blog post by Scott Guthrie on new features released for Azure Mobile Services .NET


 A blog post by SR EE Craig Landis describing how to use Azure monitoring features to check for Storage Account Throttling:


Why to monitor:

  • There is a 20,000 IOPS limit per storage account
  • For Azure VMs, storage limits is 500 IOPS per disk

With close to 40 highly used VHDs, it’s easy to bump against the account storage IOPS limit.



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Episode 12 - Management Services

by Sujit D'Mello January 9, 2014
  • Use cases
  • Portal
  • Service Management API
  • Client libraries (Service Management)
  • Native library (C++ devs)
  • Power Shell
  • Operations Logs
  • Alert and Monitoring

Media File: http://azpodcast.blob.core.windows.net/episodes/Episode12.mp3





The Windows Azure Pack Web Sites Easy Deploy tool:


  • Creates a Windows Azure Pack Web Sites instance with Portal, databases, service plan and Web Sites
  • Supports deployment through Hyper-V
  • Not meant to be a production deployment tool.    


Prime Challenge  http://www.primechallenge.org/all-about-prime-numbers/


The Prime Challenge is the currently running competition to find huge multi-thousand digit prime numbers using Windows Azure. The biggest number that has been submitted so far is 3,200 digits. Feel free to enter to find a new undiscovered prime :)  Leveraging Windows Azure Big Data


Storage Library (C++) for Windows Azure (preview) 




Copying blobs between storage accounts (Michael Washam)



Sample script for deploying a full SharePoint environment









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